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03 March 2008


Matt M.

That is outrageous. How did you end up at this doctor? Time to find a new one.

Hi Matt, thanks for your comment! :) Well, I ended up at this doctor due to a combination of an HMO any-doctor plan and a regular doctor who decided to work just 6 hours a day. I could have waited a week to see my regular doctor, but that would have been dangerous, with such a raging case of strep throat.


I completely understood and fully related to your experience. As I've had my share of them. The common problem is finding a doctor who has a clue regarding cultural, differences, etc. I live in a predominately white state (meaning I can go for weeks w/o seeing another face of color) and travel to out of state to receive the yearly checkups, etc., that my family and I need. Granted emergencies are a different scenario all together.


Hi there michele.. I think now a days its a lot more different. I think there is also the people that cared about black people. for me black people are more talented than americans!


It is so sad why some people discriminate the african-americans. In the first place they should not be called blacks, they deserve a more politically correct term. reminds me of my boss way back who doesnt want to have black serving trays because he said they are ugly.

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